Progressive Lenses


I see my mother fondly now -

Since rude, uncivil visitors
who lived Inside our heads,
Have taken leave of sentences
And senses too of dread.

The fog of condescension lifts –
Once airing grief has lost its steam
Exasperation mists
Throughout the distant afternoons

Where reminiscence sits.
I like to think that Time won’t march -
For Mom has gone to her reward
To find her just desserts –

Like Autumn Woodland, Apie cake
And jitterbugs where nothing hurts.
I hope that other fractures heal.
As family ties have slipped their ‘nots’

And laces hang quite loose
Since eyelets squint into the past
And Hope has called a truce.
The embers of a kindred fire –

Once crackled, coughed, and flared with heat.
Some kindling may reignite
When brought to bear with timeless love
The faithful flames will outlive life.



For Better or Verse — Poetry Month 2023 et al.

Philip J. Repko, Ian C. Repko, and Philip E. Repko have been fiddling with words for more than a few years. Here we shall periodically contribute.