Genetics surely have a role to play,
But Nature versus Nurture is a ploy
To obviate the questions that pertain
To searching for the future in the past.

“What’s past is prologue,” someone said.
And I care less who said it — but to whom
has piqued my fancy more than interest,
Can deja vu be fashionably undressed?

Whoever said it surely had a point,
But why waste time engaging in a lark
Unless there is a moral that I missed.
The future loves to keep us in the dark.

“Or maybe a morel is far more apt –
A fungus — though it’s edible — just might
Betray the meaning of the past more right
Than May just may keep all the knowledge trapped.

I mean, to look ahead is troublesome
When I can forecast tragedies to dread
More readily than pearls in oyster beds.
Or even mushrooms for that matter… Yes

Of course, this is rehearsal poorly said,
Since we can draw our lines within our heads.
A single brush stroke takes away the edge
And leaks one broader swale right near an edge

That we can never see. It’s further off
Than vision can interpret. We see gray,
And lighter purple. But, if we could leap
Through time and space infinitely. The swath

Might just be visible till then. We’ll pause
To ponder all things we haven’t said.
Not knowing is an ignorance of weight,
But waiting is the entrée, not the plate.



For Better or Verse — Poetry Month 2023 et al.

Philip J. Repko, Ian C. Repko, and Philip E. Repko have been fiddling with words for more than a few years. Here we shall periodically contribute.