The Shape We’re In…


“I never knew to wish for such a prize,”
She said,
Then lifted up her arms toward the sky.

Cooperating there, the world was still
And all the heavens stayed a vibrant blue
Until the moment passed.
Then presently, the sensibility
Took note of shadows swirling overhead-
Her Hopefulness took argument with dread.

“I came from less than nothing in my mind.
The lives of friends seemed calm and in the end,
They disagreed so strong and much with mine.”

“I turned a corner, found a toddling joy
Who made me anxious. Took my confidence
And claimed it as her only favorite toy.”

I stand upon a balcony right here,
And see my children’s children squint
Into a sun as bright as fire burns.
I am reminded in these grayer days
That what is true for me is merely that.
My filter does not harness or suspend
The lengths to which the heritage extends.

I think we need to see how far we’ve come.
The light we hope for is the self-same sun.
Despite the span of years, they carry on.



For Better or Verse — Poetry Month 2023 et al.

Philip J. Repko, Ian C. Repko, and Philip E. Repko have been fiddling with words for more than a few years. Here we shall periodically contribute.